Group History

The history of the Group in a nutshell:

The 70’s

The start of business in the field of zipper production. The first production plant built in Kraków. The company is headed by Sobiesław Zasada, its founder

Alpha Technology, the leading zippers manufacturer

The 80’s

A growth of the production business under Alpha Technology (e.g. plastic), first steps set in the real estate industry, with its subsequent focus on the Ekopark company

Acar Developer, the first development investments

The 90’s

A dynamic growth induced by entering the automotive industry; import and distribution of Mercedes Benz cars, distribution of Audi and VW brands, consolidation of the national automotive industry under the Sobiesław Zasada Centrum S.A. company, Poland-wide distribution of automotive spare parts; entering the market of logistics and transport services as Zasada Trans Spedition.

Szczecin, the Authorized Audi Dealership

The 2000s

A continued growth of the group as an effect of entering various new markets, including hospitality (Best Western Wrocław), health resorts (SOFRA Health Institute) and ski tourism (Ski & Sun resorts); entry onto the caravanning market (production under the Globetrotter brand, distribution of Adria, Hymer and Bystner brands)

SKI & SUN, sports center in Świeradów Zdrój

The 2010s

The consolidation of the distribution of the Mercedes, AMG, Maybach, Smart, Jeep, Subaru, and Alfa Romeo brands under the Sobiesław Zasada Automotive company. A continued growth of the production business (new plants, an extension of the technological scope). A partnership investment in OCTF (a sportswear manufacturer behind the 4F brand). The team managing the companies is joined by the grandsons of Sobiesław Zasada: Artur Chwist and Daniel Chwist.

4F brand’s partnership with the Polish Olympic Committee

The 2020s

A strategic alliance with the Cichy Group, resulting in the creation of the Cichy-Zasada Group—the largest automotive distributor in Poland (the Audi, VW, Skoda brands, and since 2024—Porsche as well); Artur Chwist and Daniel Chwist join the Supervisory Board of the Group, signaling the start of the next stage of succession in the family business.

Cichy-Zasada Group, the Authorized VW Dealership
Sobiesław Zasada Automotive, the Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealership

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