The Zasada Group

As a company established by a legend in the world of rallies, in both our lives and business, we follow the rules of sports. We invest in four areas: automotive, real estate, manufacturing, and lifestyle. What connects us is our multigenerational experience and the diversity of our competences.
Daniel Chwist, Sobiesław Zasada, Artur Chwist

The Team

The differences in our characters, the multitude of our competences and the versatility of our experience allow us to run a business powered by the stability found in its diversity. This can happen both thanks to the owners and the management.

I was taught to respect people and always keep my word. To me, a promise is even more important than a notarial act.
Sobiesław Zasada


The history of the Zasada Group is based upon the legacy of three generations of entrepreneurs who have been building up the family-owned capital group for decades. Sobiesław Zasada established the Alpha company in 1977. Within a couple of years it executed several pioneering investment projects and became an important element of the Polish economic transformation.

The power of experience, the strength of generations