Corporate social responsibility is part of the Zasada Group strategy, and sustainable growth is intrinsic to it. In our daily work and strategic plans we combine business goals with social activities.


Sobiesław and Ewa Zasada’s ‘Szerokiej Drogi’ Foundation was established in 2018. Since then, it has focused on two main areas of community involvement, supporting a range of initiatives and implementing its own social projects.

Safe driving

Promoting safety while driving is a key activity with the goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents and improving the safety of traffic users.

It is a complex task, which requires social involvement, cooperation of various sectors of society and constant monitoring of the efficiency of the actions undertaken.

Promoting safe driving became a mission of mine rather organically. It resulted from my sports career, personal passions, and my love for speed and remaining reasonable, at the same time. For years now, my motto has been ‘safe speed’.
Sobiesław Zasada

Engaging senior citizens

The main goals of the Foundation with regard to engaging senior citizens in 2024 are:

- promoting a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activities, walks, gymnastics, sports activities adjusted to the senior citizen’s capabilities and preferences.

- teaching about healthy diets to help the elderly understand and implement sustainable eating habits, beneficial to their health and good physical condition.

The power of experience, the strength of generations