Tycoon in the production of zippers

The largest manufacturer of zippers in Poland

Alpha Technology was the first company of Zasada Group, founded in 1977 to produce zip fasteners. Since then it expanded to become a leader in designing, producing and processing a wide range of plastic, non-ferrous and steel components, in seven advanced manufacturing facilities. Alpha provides the highest standards in fields such as plastics processing, and pressure and centrifugal casting of zinc alloys.

As Poland’s largest producer of zip fasteners, and one of the largest in Europe, we have been operating since 1977 and today produce about 200,000 fasteners for 800 clients. Our products include plastic, metal, spiral and covered fasteners: more than 500 designs, all available in more than 200 colours.


Alpha Technology Sp z o.o. Sp. k.

ul. Balicka 182

30-149 Kraków

The power of experience, the strength of generations