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The premium segment brand

Audi is a German passenger car brand (now part of the Volkswagen Group) based in Ingolstadt. The cars are produced in Ingolstadt in Germany, Neckarsulm and Győr in Hungary and Sao José dos Pinhais in Brazil. The origins of the Audi brand date back to 1899, when designer August Horch (1869-1951) founded the Horch company in Cologne.

Today, the brand already belongs to the premium car segment, i.e. the luxury versions of passenger cars. Its range includes small B-segment models as well as sports cars, super sports cars, off-roaders (SUVs) and limousines. Audi has enjoyed a great deal of success in motorsport throughout its history, mainly in rallying and track racing.

Dealership chain:

Kraków (Modlniczka)

ul. Adama Rożańskiego 28-30

32-085 Modlniczka


ul. Bukowska 287 A

60-189 Poznań


ul. Południowa 6

71-001 Szczecin

Warszawa (Wilanów)

ul. Łukasza Drewny 24

02-968 Warszawa

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