The Spanish dimension of motoring

Sportiness with a Spanish twist

Cupra as a separate car brand was established in 2018. The Spanish manufacturer, with its headquarters and factory located in Martorell near Barcelona, is part of the Volkswagen Group.

For many car enthusiasts, the name Cupra sounds familiar, as models with this suffix were produced by Seat for many years - first the Ibiza and then the Leona and Ateca. Cupra cars have always been the sharpest, most powerful and sportily styled variants of popular models, and their origins are deeply rooted in rallying and racing.

Despite its limited seniority on the market, Cupra has quickly found its feet in this uneasy reality. Sales of Cupra cars are growing year by year, with 152,900 vehicles sold  in 2022. The increase compared to 2021 was 92.7%. Thus, Cupra has become the fastest-growing brand in Europe.


Cupra Poznań - Komorniki

ul. Jadwigi Wajsówny 9

60-002 Poznań

Cupra Szczecin

ul. Południowa 6
71-001 Szczecin

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