We plant one tree for each signed sales agreement

We plant one tree for each signed sales agreement
Sobiesław Zasada Automotive supports the tree-planting initiative

As part of our company’s environmentally friendly activities, we provide support to the Poland-wide tree-planting initiative yet again. It is a crucial aspect of environmental protection—increasing forest areas contributes to, for instance, limiting climate change, air purification, and provides many other benefits for our planet. Planting trees is also how we offset our paper waste.

One tree produces as much oxygen in a year as a single human consumes in 2 years.

We plant one tree per each signed sales agreement! It is a clear sign for our employees, contractors, and customers that we can all be socially responsible and make a difference in the world around us. We started planting trees in the spring of 2022 by planting 100 of them. The next 200—in the following autumn, in Chojnice, Kamienna Góra and Ogrodzieniec. With the coming of spring, we planted 150 trees in Radomsko, Gostynin and Ogrodzieniec. Now, we are preparing the next 200. With 800 on our tally so far, we have no plans to stop!

Our initiative is conducted via the posadzimy.pl platform, which allows companies such as ours to actively participate in afforestation efforts in the areas with degraded forests or in places were reforestation is necessary. The planting process is coordinated by the local forest inspectorates, which manage the young forest as it continues to grow into a proper one. We are getting ready to plant another 200 trees in the Radomsko and Łódź communes of the Łódź Voivodeship.

There are 800 trees on our tally and we have no plans to stop! Together, we can achieve more!

Managing a company in accordance with corporate social responsibility includes voluntary investment in environmental protection, human resources, and relations with the world around the company. We believe that by informing people about our activities we can inspire others to do the same.

You, too, can plan trees.

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