Mercedes-Benz Vans collaboration with Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna

Mercedes-Benz Vans collaboration with Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna

Mercedes-Benz Vans supplies Polish Grupa Farmaceutyczna (Polish Pharmaceutical Group) wih a fleet of eSprinters. Thanks to its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Vans, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna expands its fleet by eSprinters, which will deliver medicines all around the country.

This year, on October 25th, the next batch of Mercedes eSprinter electric vehicles was formally transferred to Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna (PGF). This was made possible by its collaboration with a Mercedes-Benz dealer, Sobiesław Zasada Automotive, and Carefleet S.A., a company engaged in long-term car rental. This puts PGF one step closer to its goal of fleet modernization, with a target of it being comprised of 36 Mercedes-Benz EVs. If an example was needed to show how e-mobility supports sustainable growth and medicine delivery in appropriate conditions, this would be a perfect one to present.

For PGF, a leader in the pharmaceutics industry in Poland, the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Polska proves commitment to sustainable growth and environmental protection. Electric vehicles not only facilitate local medicine delivery without emissions, but also ensure the driver’s comfort and are good to go even in harsh conditions.

eSprinter electric vehicles provided by the Sobiesław Zasada Automotive Mercedes-Benz dealership are equipped with isothermal installations, aggregators and specialized fridges that meet the strict conditions of storing and transporting life-saving medicines. Also installed are extra (but still crucial for everyday use!) elements such as a programmer—a device allowing for setting the time of launch and work of the aggregator. Thanks to this solution, cargo bay cooling or heating can be turned on sooner, so as to have the vehicle ready to distribute medicine by the scheduled time. Importantly, the device uses a 230 V power supply and does not drain the car battery. ‘eSprinter with Annmon isothermal installations features an air conditioning and ventilation system to keep the temperature within the vehicle stable. It is also equipped with a reliable security system which ensures the necessary safety of both the driver and the goods transported. Thus, the car meets all the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We are proud to be part of this collaboration’, says Maciej Rżysko, the Vice-President of the Management Board of Sobiesław Zasada Automotive.

Współpracę, na warunkach wynajmu długo terminowego, realizuje firma Carefleet S.A.

Without a doubt, the fleet agreement concluded will be bring tangible benefits to the Customer, as well as the society at large. We are grateful for the trust granted to us, and to reciprocate, we promise to make every effort to always act in an innovative, high quality, flexible and comprehensive manner. says Daniel Trzaskowski, the President of the Management Board of Carefleet S.A.

The transfer ceremony was attended by representatives of all sides, including Piotr Cieślak, the President of the Management Board of PGF S.A., Grzegorz Sawicki, the Commercial Vehicle Sales Director at Mercedes-Benz Polska, and Maciej Rżysko, the Vice-President of the Management Board of Sobiesław Zasada Automotive.


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